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FIPP World: When Facebook fell out of love with news

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When Facebook fell out of love with news

The realisation that Facebook is a social network first and foremost and not a news-stand is starting to hit home with publishers as Mark Zuckerberg continues to fiddle with his News Feed algorithm to salvage - or grow - his creation.

How Martha Stewart Living saw success across platforms in 2017

It has been a record-breaking year for Meredith’s Martha Stewart Living. «Over the last year and a half, we have been doing some great things and I think we saw the results of those efforts in 2017,» said Daren Mazzucca, VP/group publisher of Martha Stewart Living.

How the EU’s new ePrivacy regulations could profoundly impact all media

From a legislative perspective 2018 looks set to be an interesting, potentially challenging year for publishers. In May the EU wide General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be enforced bringing new controls on the collection of data.


Media Voices podcast: Facebook WTF?

In this special episode of Media Voices, the team rattle through some news before doing a deep-dive into the realities of Facebook killing the news industry (again).

Chart of the week: What are the risks to success for publishers in 2018?

Social media, and above all Facebook, took a lot of heat for its perceived role in disseminating rumour and false news, most prominently during the US election campaign in 2016. Now, the firm has announced that it will give publishers less space for promoting their content (organically) on its platform. This is of course is bad news for publishers.

Video: The secrets to creating true native to women

«To me, true native is when the journalist of the brand is really deeply involved in doing the best piece of content,» says Camilla Kjems when she attended Native Advertising DAYS 2017 in Berlin.

The Mr. Magazine™ interview

«I have great alarm about this war against fact," says The New Yorker’s editor, David Remnick

«I find words, and I understand why they’re used all of the time, but sometimes I bridle a little bit at words like content or products or platform, they seem a little cold. They seem a little remote and cold-blooded, because I think of The New Yorker as something much more warm-blooded or hot-blooded, which is alive. I don’t think of it as a can of soup or any of the other household products or a status symbol. I think of it as something, and I don’t care if it’s digital or on paper, I think of it as something that can reach your heart and mind in a unique way; in a surprising way. There aren’t too many household items or products that can do that.» 

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How Cheddar revolutionises business media

Cheddar Inc. launched two years ago as a news and business channel aimed at at young-ish audience that would be carried via social media, smart TV and mobile. Two years on and global expansion is high on Cheddar's agenda. 

Gain insight into powerhouse media innovators - pre-order new Innovation 2018 World Report

The new Innovation in Magazine Media World Report, showcasing the most successful - and profitable - initiatives in magazine media today will be launched on 19 March 2018 at the Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) in Berlin, Germany. 

How to make money online once Google starts blocking ads

There are big changes coming down the line for online publishers in 2018. As more and more large publishers move to diversify their revenues and as digital ad growth slows even for industry giants, organisations at the top of the advertising food chain are exploring how to keep businesses profitable.

Meredith Corporation launches Hungry Girl magazine

Meredith Corporation announced the launch of Hungry Girl magazine. The spring issue will be on newsstands January 16 with a cover price of US$9.99.

What we've been reading

Guardian unveils new tabloid format (via Campaign)

It’s been an eventful year for magazine media around the world. There were company consolidation and mergers. Publishers entered into new partnerships, opened retail stores, explored voice, AR and VR, produced pop-up limited-editions and expanded on events as the search for revenues – against the backdrop of Facebook and Google’s dominance in digital advertising – continued.

How customer data is guiding Conde Nast’s marketing strategies (via Glossy)

Condé Nast is pushing to identify marketing opportunities across its publications, with the help of research initiatives designed to better understand consumer behaviour.

Journalism, media and technology trends and predictions 2018 (via Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism)

This report by Nic Newman looks ahead at the trends in media and technology that will shape the news industry in 2018. This will be a critical year for the relationship between publishers and platforms, as companies like Google and Facebook fight a rising tide of criticism about their impact on society – and on journalism.

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