FIPP World: Hearst’s bet on voice, Facebook’s trust problem, and more

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Why Hearst is betting big on voice

Hearst is betting on voice platforms as a long-term priority as it continues to develop products for both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant platforms. Last year, the media giant experimented with producing voice content for Elle, O, the Oprah magazine, Good Housekeeping, and say they’ve seen enough to delve into it more.

Zuckerberg and the ‘trustworthiness’ of publishers

Another week, another attempt by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to rewire the information landscape on his social network. This time he wants his followers to identify «trustworthy" publishers.

TechRadar roadtrippers offer insight into best tech for publishers and journalists on the go

Two weeks ago, TechRadar’s Matt Swider and Nick Pino were crossing the Texas border, on the road from New York. They were headed to Amarillo, Texas, and would end up in Santa Fe, New Mexico by the end of the day - traveling through three states in one day.


Media Voices podcast: Refinery29's Jacqui Kavanagh on authenticity of experience

In this week's episode of Media Voices, the Media Voices team speak to Refinery29's Jacqui Kavanagh about that brand's success in Europe since it launched in 2015, about what authenticity means to brands and audiences, and why experiential is a growth industry.

Chart of the week: The potential of social media advertising

Social media’s share of the worldwide advertising market keeps growing. It was worth some US $43.78 billion in 2017 and accounted for some 18 per cent of the total digital advertising market. 

Video: Thinking like a journalist will make you awesome at native advertising

«One of the things about journalism that relates so closely to native advertising is the desire to put your readers first. If you put your readers’ interests and what they care about at the centre, the content that you create is going to resonate with them much more fully and really have a much bigger impact. Brand storytellers should definitely take that lesson from the world of journalism and make sure their readers are at the centre of everything they create,» says Melanie Deziel, branded content consultant.

The Mr. Magazine™ interview

Targeted cover mounts present positive potential for the single topic magazine

«I can’t stress enough that if cover mounts work for kids, then it should work for adults. Whatever your single topic is, you have to find the cover mount that seems to be the right thing that appeals to the person who likes that topic.» - Topix Media Lab CEO Tony Romando.

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Where will video pivot to next?

With ‘pivot-to-video’ yielding little success over the past 18 months, the big question for publishers remain: where will video go next?

Gain insight into powerhouse media innovators - pre-order new Innovation 2018 World Report

The new Innovation in Magazine Media World Report, showcasing the most successful - and profitable - initiatives in magazine media today will be launched on 19 March 2018 at the Digital Innovators' Summit (DIS) in Berlin, Germany.     

Condé Nast appoints Phillip Picardi chief content officer, Teen Vogue and Them

Condé Nast announced that Phillip Picardi has been named chief content officer of Teen Vogue, where he previously held the title of digital editorial director. In his new role, Picardi will continue to oversee content for the brand’s digital, social and video platforms and will take on experiential endeavors, including the highly successful Teen Vogue Summit series. Picardi also will continue in his role as the chief content officer of them, Condé Nast’s next-gen LGBTQ platform.

Roularta makes an offer for Sanoma titles

Roularta Media Group has made a binding offer for the Belgian Sanoma titles with the exception of the home magazines.

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Google tightens YouTube rules to clean it up for advertisers (via Bloomberg)

Google is making the biggest changes to the advertising rules on YouTube since the video site’s inception, another attempt to clean up its content and answer persistent complaints from advertisers.

Spotify launches ‘Spotlight,’ a new podcast format with visual elements (via Tech Crunch)

The launch of Spotlight is going to feature stuff from Gimlet Media, Crooked Media, Cheddar, BuzzFeed News and others, and will also include original series created by Spotify itself, like RISE, Secret Genius and its Spotify Singles session series with various artists.

Amazon has a plan to become profitable. It's called advertising (via AdAge)

For more than two decades, Jeff Bezos has famously sacrificed profit for growth, persuading Wall Street that Amazon was best served pouring money into the logistical nuts and bolts that have turned his company into the Walmart of the web. More recently, investors have found solace in the company's profitable cloud services business, which has helped offset losses in e-commerce. Still, for the past five years Amazon's average profit margins have languished at about 1 percent.

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