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Industry leaders on Google's new AMP Stories; advertising and brand safety; Wired editor-in-chief; and more
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Google’s new ‘AMP Stories’: don’t judge new format by its cover

With a misleading name, Google’s new ‘AMP Stories’ may at first glance be seen as nothing more than what we have already witnessed on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook’s ‘stories’ format. But it’s not quite as straightforward as it seems and may level the playing field for smaller publishers, say industry experts.

TMB survey outlines shift in marketer preference for branded video, but also brand safe environments

New research by Trusted Media Brands suggests not only are marketers increasingly choosing branded video over pre-roll, they're concerned about brand safety.

The Mr. Magazine™ interview: Wired’s editor-in-chief Nick Thompson on the roadmap to magazine success

«There’s something about the print magazine that’s special. It’s got the front cover, which is a way to really make a statement. It has a back cover that advertisers love. It has the capacity to package things, because the Internet breaks everything up, so the capacity to keep things together is really valuable. And advertisers see that too.» - Nick Thompson, editor-in-chief, Wired


Media Voices podcast: The Pool's Sam Baker on measuring digital success and launching paid-for newsletters

On this week's episode of Media Voices, we hear from long-time publishing pro Sam Baker, co-founder of women's site The Pool. She talks about what digital success looks like, content partnerships and why she's launching a paid-for email newsletter.

Chart of the week: users prefer ads in legacy media compared to online

Worldwide, people seem to be most receptive to legacy media advertising channels, such as magazines, outdoor, TV and newspapers.

Using data is a good way to win awards

Data and creativity are not each other's opposites and more often than not, award-winning campaigns are those who make good use of data, says Clare Carr, VP of marketing at Parse.ly.

Meet the Digital Innovators' Summit speakers

Louise Roug, HuffPost

Louise Roug is international director of HuffPost, and is responsible for overseeing global strategy and editorial collaboration across all editions. She'll be speaking at DIS2018, 18-20 March in Berlin.

Read her bio »

Matthew Monahan, The Washington Post

Matt Monahan leads the product, sales and implementation teams for Arc Publishing, The Washington Post's burgeoning software-as-a-service CMS business. He'll also be speaking at DIS2018.

Read his bio »

More stories

Behind the scenes of HarpersBazaar.com’s new Little Black Book celebrity video series

Last month, HarpersBazaar.com launched a mini-season of a new video series, «Little Black Book,» which featured celebrity host Miranda Kerr sharing her tips and secrets of wellbeing. The video series is a first for HarpersBazaar.com, giving the brand’s audience a curated, yet intimate experience with celebrities, and giving celebrities a chance to sit in the director’s chair.

How drones get impossible shots for Bonnier and National Geographic

For magazine media, drones capture aerial images of remote, hard to reach, and otherwise inaccessible areas, conveying perspectives and offering insight in a way boots-on-the-ground journalism can't. They allow magazine media to give audiences a bird's eye view, showing scale, teaching and telling stories in new ways.

Empire magazine to publish five iconic covers as Steven Spielberg takes over

Bauer Media’s Empire magazine is to publish five iconic covers as Steven Spielberg takes over for this month’s issue.

Forbes to pay all contributors in its contributor network

Forbes chief content officer Randall Lane on Wednesday announced changes the company is making to strengthen its contributor network – including updates on the payment structure and how Forbes commit more resources to the contributor model. 

What we've been reading

Meredith Corp. makes the case for magazines (via The Wall Street Journal - paywall)

Stephen Lacy, executive chairman, explains why he is making a big bet on the future of print publications.

Do readers own The New York Times now? (via Politico)

With its shift in business models, the paper of record will inevitably change to reflect its new masters.

How ex-BuzzFeed UK editor Luke Lewis plans to build an ‘audience-driven newsroom’ at i (via The Drum)

Almost five years ago, Luke Lewis was hired by a fledgling online news brand to build both its readership and its editorial team. Now, having left that title millions of readers better off, the BuzzFeed UK launch editor has been enlisted to do much the same thing for i.


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