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FIPP World: Forbes at 100; AI, voice and media; Congress countdown
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100 years of Forbes… and the future to come

As Forbes celebrates its 100th birthday on 15 September, president and chief operating officer Michael Federle talks to us about the brand’s legacy and values and how they play into what they plan for the future.

The AI and media reality: it’s crunch time if you want to stay in the game

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and big aata strategies throughout the entire value chain should already be central for every media company, warns Martha L. Stone, author, consultant and CEO of the World Newsmedia Network. 

Don’t let the voice revolution leave you behind

With the Echo Dot speaker, featuring the virtual voice personal assistant Alexa, outselling any other product during this year’s Amazon Prime Day sale, many publishers are, yet again, nervous about whether they’re well equipped to deal with another digital revolution - in this case the take off of voice user interfaces (VUI's). 

NBC's Snapchat show highlights promise of daily, mobile short-form content

It's been just over a month since NBC launched a twice-daily news show on Snapchat called "Stay Tuned," and the mobile format has already pulled in more than 29 million viewers.

The New Statesman’s deputy editor, Helen Lewis on the renaissance in political podcasting

From Brexit in the UK through to Trump in the US the last eighteen months have been an era characterised by political uncertainty. Yet the recasting of the political map has ironically enough been rather good news for current affairs focused newspapers and magazines, with broadsheet newspapers reporting soaring subscriptions and booming memberships schemes.

Media Voices podcast

[Podcast] Deutsche Welle's Esra Doğramaci on the realities of digital video

In this week's episode of Media Voices, Peter travels to Cape Town and interviews Deutche Welle's Esra Doğramacı to find out how the German public broadcaster is approaching digital video. And in the news round-up, we discuss BuzzFeed turning on banner ads, The Atlantic launching a 'supplement' for diehard fans and the Yellow Pages going out of print.

More stories

The Atlantic introduces premium membership: The Masthead

Atlantic is introducing The Masthead, a premium membership that delivers exclusive stories, insights, and analysis from The Atlantic’s journalists and thinkers—built on a direct relationship with members. 

Time Inc. launches new video series for Facebook's Watch platform

Time Inc. announced that it launched a new video series for Watch, Facebook’s new platform for shows and videos. «Homemade vs. The Internet» is now available on the new Watch surface on Facebook and on mobile, desktop and Facebook’s TV apps. The first season of "Homemade vs. The Internet» will run for five episodes, with a new episode airing each Sunday.


Level up your attendee engagement: Use a mobile app to achieve your event goals

[Sponsored] Your event is more than the sum of its parts. Beyond bringing people together and delivering great content, you likely have your own mission to complete. 

Chart of the week: 'Media and entertainment' is the second most launched app category

In the first half of 2017 there were close to 16 monthly app launches per user on average worldwide. According to data analysis firm Localytics, the most used apps are in the social media category. The second best performing type of apps were in the media and entertainment segment.

Why Snapchat should play a bigger role in your native advertising strategy

In this interview with the Native Advertising Institute, Eric Fulwiler, vice president at NYC-based VaynerMedia, explains why Snapchat ought to be part of your native advertising strategy.

Congress Q&A

 How prepared are you for another fundamental shift in how your audiences behave?

Putting more emphasis on consumers’ behavioural shifts and not only thinking of the technological shifts is fundamental for publishers to survive another period of what will be «tumultuous change».


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