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INMA Fwd: Axel Springer and Silicon Valley culture, avoiding inch-by-inch change
Источник: INMA

Axel Springer’s takeaways from Silicon Valley? Transformation must center on technology, interdisciplinary cooperation  

What executives from German media company Axel Springer learned about innovation and culture change from a three-day «learning journey» to Silicon Valley — home to such disruptive innovators as Apple, Google, Facebook, and eBay. 

Culture Change Blog | Tilmann Knoll 

Embrace the bold and diminish inch-by-inch change  

10 years after the big flirtation with broadsheet-to-tabloid format change, news publishers have bigger challenges. Yet the long-term lessons from that flirtation are important today, as publishers strategise how to re-invent and innovate routinely in fast-changing markets. 

The Earl Blog | Earl J. Wilkinson 

How to use survey data to prove the ROI for your media brand  

Not only do print and digital advertising across news brands remain a worthwhile investment for advertisers, the media industry has the numbers to back up its claims of reach and audience engagement. 

Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog | Darrell Kunken 

An old equation for a new time: Content + network = relevance  

News brands need to see readers for what they are: an integral part of their overall content presentation. How? By creating a truly interactive experience. 

Media Entrepreneur | Pit Gottschalk 

Blog turned live feed is Verlag Dierichs’ answer to social media «news»  

What started out as an experimental blog soon turned into a key digital strategy component, as Kassel Live seeks to compete with the social media news-gathering habit. Live is the key word here. 

Ideas Blog | Jens Nähler 

What does the man who helped create the first Apple mouse have to say about media innovation?  

In an exclusive presentation at the INMA World Congress next month, David Kelley will discuss how leading companies and start-ups are learning to innovate by design to navigate the complexity of fast-moving global markets. And yes, you can ask him about the mouse. 

INMA News Blog 

ZEE rolls out two mind-stimulating events, boosting its brand image  

«Leadership Series» and «MindSpace» are just the intellectual tickets ZEE needs to reach its goal audience of one billion. Through these initiatives, ZEE aims to further connect with its viewers daily, address their entertainment needs, and elevate its rank amongst the top-10 global media brands. 

Ideas Blog | Parag Darade 

Lessons from grumpy cats and BuzzFeed about digital storytelling  

Face it: Cute images of kittens, puppies, and bunny rabbits are as much a part of the readers' online social experience as links to breaking news out of a war zone. Smart news sites are following BuzzFeed’s lead by trying to find a way to present both. 

Mobile + Tablets Blog | Otto Sjöberg 

Winnipeg Free Press partners with health authority on niche print product, brings in new revenue  

The Winnipeg Free Press’ partnership with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to co-publish a healthy living magazine allowed for dual branding and the dissemination of information readers wouldn’t normally receive. Oh, and C$200,000 in annual new revenue. 

Ideas Blog | Laurie Finley 

[CXENSE: Extraordinary Insight]   

Advertising and Marketing 

25% believe marketers can be trusted with personal information, GfK study shows  

Advertising Age | April 15 

South African digital media, marketing industry suffers «shortage of skills»  

The Media Online | April 15 

U.K. mobile ad spend doubled in 2013, breaks £1 billion

The Media Briefing | April 14 

Digital advertising passes broadcast TV, reaches almost US$43 billion last year  

VentureBeat | April 11 

Mobile ad revenue to hit US$30.3 billion by 2018, BIA/Kelsey predicts  

NetNewsCheck | April 10 


Readers trust user-generated product reviews as much as professional reviews, study shows  

Mashable | April 11 

[NewsCycle Solutions: Acceleration Your Future] 


Multi-media stories should be simple, visually appealing, non-repetitive  

Medium | April 14 

Corporate Strategy 

Telegraph becoming digitally native with audience-centered strategy  

journalism.co.uk | April 11

Mutter: Modern digital publishers use data to build audience, improve reader loyalty, create products  

Editor & Publisher | April 10 

Content marketing, more rewards can drive customer loyalty  

eMedia Vitals | April 9

Earnings and Finances

Axel Springer working with banks on digital-classifieds IPO

Bloomberg | April 15 

Launches and Transactions

Germany's Bild launches speed-reading service, Spritz  

The Media Briefing | April 15 

CNNx allows users to skip news segments, only watch news they want  

engadget | April 11 

Time to buy U.K. sister company  

The Drum | April 10

Swedish English-language news Web site expands across Europe  

Columbia Journalism Review | April 10 

AOL expands tech news, reviews Web site to UK  

PressGazette | April 9 

McClatchy sells Anchorage Daily News for US$34 million 

The Sacramento Bee | April 9 

[RAM: Earn More by Knowing More] 


Guardian, Washington Post win Pulitzer prize for NSA reports  

The Guardian | April 15 

U.S. student newspapers filling local news gaps  

New York Times | April 15 

Doctor: Links of newspaper chain journalism weakening  

Nieman Journalism Lab | April 11 

Media analyst says online journalism cannot support itself financially  

Digiday | April 9 

Every journalist cannot start a digital publishing company, PandoDaily founder says  

FOLIO | April 9 


Publishers removing, reinventing comments sections to encourage engagement, minimize spam  

Digiday | April 15 

Publishers should prepare for wearables, understand how to engage readers  

PBS | April 14 

Research firm predicts wearables will surpass 19 million units this year 

MediaPost | April 14 

44% of existing Twitter accounts have never tweeted, report shows 

Wall Street Journal | April 14 

Chicago Sun-Times to temporarily disable comments on articles, attempt to increase comment quality 

Chicago Sun-Times | April 14 

New York Post might be digital-only publication in 10 years, Murdoch says 

Capital New York | April 11 

Publishers should shift focus from brand to building innovative platforms  

eMedia Vitals | April 10 

Consistency, up-to-date news focus of mobile front pages  

Mobile Marketer | April 10 

60% of Financial Times' subscribers come through mobile  

journalism.co.uk | April 9 


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