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INMA Fwd: 6 strategies to assess if a bold new idea is worth the risk
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March 14, London: INMA Ideas Day On Digital THIS WEEK 


March 28, Amsterdam: INMA Ideas Day On Advertising UPDATED


May 11-13, San Francisco: INMA World Congress EARLY REGISTRATION DEADLINE 10 DAYS


6 strategies to assess if a bold new idea is worth the risk


At a time of breathtaking transformative change, the media industry needs to test out bold new initiatives. But in the rush to «fail fast,» failure should be neither an option or a goal.

Out of the Box Blog | Kylie Davis

Sacramento Bee began mobile revenue strategy with car dealers, expanded to other advertisers


About 45% of the Sacramento Bee’s monthly traffic is generated by mobile devices. And the company is working intensively on monetising that traffic with creative advertising partners and a new political app.

Ideas Blog | James Rosenberg

Sports + short-form video = changing digital revenue game


This year’s Super Bowl showed just how much viewing power can be generated when premium brands join forces to produce and distribute state-of-the-art digital video content around a premium sporting event.

Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog | Greg Bobolo

Media brands should keep tabs on what’s up with WhatsApp


Should the cross-platform, instant messaging app WhatsApp be part of media companies’ new social media/digital strategy? Only time will tell if this new platform will attract the same numbers of users Facebook does (it already has more than double Twitter’s users). But the app’s US$19 billion price tag definitely makes it worth watching.

Mobile + Tablets Blog | Mark Challinor

5 things media companies need to know about content, advertising, and trust


The trust and credibiity a news brand can generate among its readers strengthen the effectiveness of advertising on its Web site, which in turns adds to the brand’s credibility. And on the cycle continues.

Audiencentricity Blog | Peter Marsh

Want more relevance and revenue? Start with your mobile audience

Content is still king, but the way consumers access that content is a moving target — a target advertisers must follow. News brands that successfully follow readers and advertisers into the mobile realm — like The New York Times with its TimesAction iPad app — will reap the rewards.

Bottom-Line Marketing Blog | Lon Haenel

New «carbon tax» is another way our environmental footprint affects the bottom line


Just when it looked like the recession was safely in the rear-view mirror for North American media companies, a new cost of doing business appears on the horizon: a tax on the air pollution generated by their operations.

Sustainability Matters Blog | Andrée Gosselin O’Meara

3 initiatives that help Bay Area News Group tame the digital sales, revenue chaos


BANG keeps up with the demands of the digital space by creating a culture of high-level digital account executives, keeping support teams connected, and making pipeline development a priority.

Ideas Blog | Jason Cross 

Video strives to engage advertisers with leading print ideas


To inspire advertisers, media planners, and creative agencies, Newspapers Canada produced a video that showcases innovative ways to use newspapers’ front pages.

Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog | Suzanne Raitt 


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