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INMA Fwd: Whatn media companies can learn from new Facebook, Yahoo mobile apps
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What media companies can learn from new Facebook, Yahoo mobile apps


The trend in mobile apps is building toward narrowly focused function served by beautiful design and deep-but-not-infinite content. Media companies should follow the lead of these big name players.

Mobile + Tablets Blog | Chuck Blevins

At Register-Guard, transformation begins with office makeover 

Sometimes the best way to effect change is from the outside in, which is why The Register Guard transformed some outdated office space in its advertising department into a high-tech meeting venue.

Innovative Advertising Solutions Blog | Tyler Mack

How publishers can embrace digital natives and digital immigrants

Staring across the print/digital divide separating digital natives, digital immigrants, and print natives can be a complicated calculus for news publishers. Yet understanding the needs and degrees of permanence among each audience segment allows publishers to build clearer revenue models.

The Earl Blog | Earl J. Wilkinson

O Globo works to monetise mobile with sponsored traffic app

O Globo’s mobile audience has increased more than 150% year-over-year. Its VaiRio traffic app, launched almost a year ago with a sponsor from day one, offers a relevant, smartphone-specific service to readers.

Ideas Blog | Dawn McMullan

What news companies can learn from breakout start-ups like Spotify

News brands should pay close attention to how commercially successful digital start-ups like Spotify are harnessing the power of social media to increase their reach and revenue.

Social Media | Nadine Kamlow

De Persgroep delves into what «digital newspapers» mean to consumers, finds surprising results

Recent audience research by De Pergroep in Belgium points out the still-wide knowledge gap that separates younger and older consumers when it comes to the various multi-media news channels. News brands need to step up their efforts to educate readers about different platforms to overcome four noted misconceptions.

Media Research Blog | Ilse Peeters

5 reasons Postmedia sells advertisers on the audience it can deliver, not the platform

Postmedia, Canada’s largest newspaper publisher, moved to a platform-agnostic approach to selling advertising after it realised the sharpest arrow in its quiver was the breadth and depth of its audience.

Satisfying Audiences Blog | Siobhan Vinish

How Fairfax Media learned to stop worrying about disruption and embrace it

The time for lamenting how digital disruption stopped the flow of river-of-gold revenue streams is over. Now news publishers must embrace innovation, such as audience migration to mobile, for the opportunities it brings.

Mobile + Tablets Blog | Stefan Savva

6 tricks to grow your conference ROI

Make your company's investment in industry conferences worthwhile by keeping in mind six simple strategies for planning, information-gathering, networking, and more.

Bottom-Line Marketing Blog | Lon Haenel

Advertising and Marketing 

Hearst Newspapers partners with Nativo to implement native advertising

MediaPost | February 11

B2B publishers struggling to recover, ad pages continue decline

Talking New Media | February 11

IAB pushes advertisers toward HTML5 for mobile

eMedia Vitals | February 11

Search marketers struggle to measure social, mobile ROI

MediaPost | February 6


Study: Millennials want daily newspapers as a news source, do not prefer aggregators only

Elsberry Democrat | February 12

U.K. radio audience reached new record high last quarter

PressGazette | February 6


News managers should focus on details when publishing digitally

Poynter | February 7

Publishers need help expanding video content, Washington Post manager says

Poynter | February 6

Corporate Strategy

Audience prepared to pay for good content, Globe and Mail publisher says

Editor & Publisher | February 12

Guardian strategy built around how audience consumes media in digital world

The Media Briefing | February 11

France's Libération to become «content producing social network,» aims to find new sources of growth

Medium | February 10

CNN shift toward original content shows industry need for strategy change

Economist | February 7

Guardian uses «attention data» to track real-time traffic

Fast Company | February 7

Doctor: Smartly executed membership strategy may produce better results than paywall for Guardian

Nieman Journalism Lab | February 7

Earnings and Finances 

News Corp. reports 4% decrease quarterly revenue, led by declines in advertising

Telegraph | February 7

New York Times grew digital subscriptions by 19%, slowed ad revenue loss

New York Times | February 7

Launches and Transactions 

French business media group Les Echos to launch news aggrefilter this month

Monday Note | February 10

First Look Media launches first digital magazine, The Intercept

First Look Media | February 10

Tribune Company to spin off newspaper properties this year

MediaPost | February 10


SMBs should start slow before jumping in to data visualisation

Street Fight | February 12

Publishers must find new ways to bundle news to retain newspapers' civic benefits

Columbia Journalism Review | February 12

Japan's newspaper industry slow to change, is reliant on shrinking subscriptions

Globe and Mail | February 11

Local newspapers key in breaking news that may be overlooked, media analyst says

New York Times | February 10

Saudi Arabia's print newspaper industry thriving despite censorship

Economist | February 10

Engagement, other characteristics build framework for digital transformation

eMedia Vitals | February 6


Search and social go together, editor says

Nieman Journalism Lab | February 12

Blurring line between platform, publisher may overlook responsibilities toward content creators

GigaOm | February 11

Wall Street Journal hits 4 million Twitter followers, gives social media tips

journalism.co.uk | February 6

Focusing on content, advertisers key in news video channels

NetNewsCheck | February 6


Survey shows 42% use news apps for breaking news

NetNewsCheck | February 12


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