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Новости INMA
FT talks Web vs. native app and digital strategy, Borrell asks how fast can revenue turn around
Источник: INMA

Financial Times weighs in on Web vs. native app debate, how technology has shaped its own digital strategy

Native apps, Web apps, HTML5, responsive design — the media industry’s transition from print to digital is full of terminology and technical choices. The engineering manager at FT Labs, an emerging Web technologies division of the Financial Times, explains the pros and cons of each and how FT has found its way.

Keynote Blog | Graham Hinchly

5-year forecast begs the question: How fast can you invest to turn things around?

Borrell Associates' latest five-year forecast of revenue and market share, «The Future of Legacy Media,» offers some hard truths about the future of legacy media: declining audience and dwindling digital market share. The solution: Wise investments in audience, sales — and other businesses whose bottom lines are immune to digital disruption.

Disruptive Innovation | Steve Gray

Why you shouldn’t craft a strategy for 2014

To confront digital disruption, newspaper companies' various teams need to stand united under one integrated corporate strategy, rather than head off in all different directions.

Out of the Box Blog | Kylie Davis

Toronto Star creates sustainable Newspapers in Education revenue model

In the face of declining revenues, the Toronto Star needed to make its Newspapers in Education programme sustainable, which meant a rate increase. But the Canadian media company minimised the inevitable drop-off in school subscriptions by adding custom classroom workbooks and free digital access.

Satisfying Audiences Blog | Nadine Chevolleau

How can you get more involved with INMA?

An INMA board member reflects on a fast five years of service — and enthusiastically recommends the experience to any colleagues who represent major news media brands.

Satisfying Audiences Blog | Sandy MacLeod

Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s sexy niche publication fills needed audience hole for advertisers

«Street Pulse» targets young adults with edgy, bikini-laden content and, to gain publicity, a successful contest with sought-after prizes. The publication tripled the advertising revenue of the two waning publications it replaced within its first year and continues to engage audiences with a new app.

Ideas Blog | Patrick Klein

Metro Ecuador boosts local interest from international space contest

Metro International’s «Race for Space» competition included all its 20 branches. Each Metro country chose a winner, who then competed to be the first Metro reader in space. While an American physics student eventually won, Metro Ecuador saw the local benefit of such an out-of-this world contest.

Ideas Blog | Marisol Fraga

What was hot online in 2013?

In the world of social media, humour, lists, and — yes — good, old-fashioned news were what kept consumers riveted to their assorted screens.

Social Media | Alvin Lim

Advertising and Marketing

U.K.'s smaller advertising market, smaller budgets leading to faster programmatic growth

Digiday | January 20

Ad revenue expected to grow 5% in 2014, report shows

MediaPost | January 20

Digitally fluent advertising sales staff is equally important as having newest technology

Editor & Publisher | January 17

Native advertising has roots in print, needs to be handled more carefully in digital

The Awl | January 16

Local online marketing will become easier for SMBs in 2014

NetNewsCheck | January 16

Publishers hire programmatic advertising chiefs to connect technology, sales teams and ad partners

Digiday | January 15

Publishers have 4 possible paths for ad strategies, Australian media executive says

The Media Briefing | January 15

Hearst's new native ad strategy aims to be «organic»

Digiday | January 15


Regional media will succeed when they realise «people want to read about their immediate neighbours»

PressGazette | January 21

Corporate Strategy

Germany's Der Spiegel shrinks English edition

Columbia Journalism Review | January 21

Philadelphia news media focuses innovation on future audiences

NetNewsCheck | January 20

Boost digital business by recommitting to social media, revamping an old project

eMedia Vitals | January 16 

Earnings and Finances

Local media revenue to grow, expand digital, study predicts

MediaPost | January 17 

Launches and Transactions

Guardian to net £600 million in sale of stake in Trader Media Group

The Guardian | January 21

India's Dainik Bhaskar launches Patna edition

afaqs! | January 21

Capital New York to launch US$6,000 annual paywall

Adweek | January 21

Doctor: If Forbes' current price tag holds, potential global brand value large part of deal

Nieman Journalism Lab | January 17

Los Angeles Times Media Group launches hyper-local shopping website

Southern California Public Radio | January 15

Chicago Sun-Times to launch Bitcoin paywall

The Domains | January 15


Print-digital consolidation, rise of regional media expected in India in 2014

exchange4media | January 21

News Corp. UK CEO on paid content: «A big bundle is a very efficient mechanism which works remarkably well»

The Media Briefing | January 21

Media companies would «rather be left alone» by EU policymakers, industry representative says

EurActive.com | January 20

France's legacy news media has lost value, news executive says

Monday Note | January 20

Local merchants using Big Data should push beyond transactions, leverage the cloud

Street Fight | January 20

Digital media predictions are never accurate

Digiday | January 17

Free local journalism will not uncover the news that matters, U.S. television show host says

Washington Post | January 17

Orange County Register expanded aggressively against industry trends, now decreases staff

Star Tribune | January 17

Student project compares U.S. newspaper's performance before and after digital over-haul

Columbia Journalism Review | January 16

BBC has no effect on local newspapers' financial struggles, says news director

The Guardian | January 15 


Facebook creating mobile-focused news reading app

re/code | January 16

Publishers will monetise mobile content, find new ways to acquire traffic in 2014

Editor & Publisher | January 16


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