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FIPP World: Atlantic Media; BBC Good Food; Hearst UK; and more
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The remarkable transformation of Atlantic Media’s National Journal

Adapting business models require guts. A complete overhaul takes even more. Faced with a near perfect storm with digital natives and even Google Alerts entering its marketplace, all the while clients were being lost due to the global financial crisis, National Journal chose the latter.

How six initiatives led to stunning audience and revenue growth for BBC Good Food

Chris Kerwin, publishing director of BBC Worldwide, shares insight into the six crucial initiatives employed by the brand to achieve highest audience reach of any magazine media brand in the UK and grow revenues and profits for the last five years.

How Hearst UK unlocks significant value with revenue stream diversification

Hearst Magazines UK embraced the challenge of looking beyond traditional business models to drive income through diversification roughly six years ago. Today the publishing giant says a significant slice of its income is derived from brand extensions, events, content marketing, and videos.

Review of Religions: Meet the 115 year old publication finding new resonance today

The Review of Religions is an intriguing special interest publication. With a primary focus on Islam and the supporting thrust of exploring various other religions from across the world, it caters to both academic and consumer audiences. Here, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, Amer Safir, talks us through the publication’s content, audiences, and the unique way in which the platform is funded.

How Canadian Art expanded the power of niche to build its audience

Despite the challenges magazines face today, one Canadian magazine has rediscovered the power of being a niche publication.

Publishers should use their imagination, rather than existing technology, to spark future trends

Holition is an augmented reality solutions and software provider, working with some of the world’s largest and most iconic retail brands. John Peeters, director of business development and co-owner of Holition, spoke earlier this year at the Digital Innovators Summit (DIS) in Berlin. Here, in this video interview for FIPP, he explains how some of these practices can be applied to the publishing industry.


Chart of the week: How do consumers get to the news?

A total of 65 percent (73 percent of under 35-year-olds) of traffic to news sites comes through the so-called side-door, making it the actual main entrance. Still, the single biggest source of traffic are the news provider’s own sites and apps.

[Video] Programmatic doesn’t pay off

Tom Jenen, president of Polar, shares insights on how premium publishers can price, package and sell branded content including which metrics that count and which formats to choose as well as his and Polar’s definition of native advertising versus branded content.

Most read on FIPP.com

James Hewes appointed new FIPP CEO

FIPP - the network for global media, is pleased to announce that James Hewes has been appointed president and CEO. He will succeed Chris Llewellyn, who is stepping down to pursue his own interests, after a short handover period in September 2017.

How Mondadori in Italy turned a website into a top selling print magazine

Italy’s Mondadori publishing group has taken advantage of the popularity of its cooking website giallozafferano.it to reverse a trend and launch the first monthly cooking magazine in Europe born from a website. We spoke to Mondadori chief executive officer Carlo Mandelli for more.

How Harper's Bazaar's ecommerce platform adjusted focus and strategy

This month marked the relaunch of ShopBazaar, Harper's Bazaar's ecommerce platform, which shifted its focus to serve readers a «cultured and curated experience» in a changed market. The site transformed in line with new market demands, according to Katie Hobbs, ecommerce director of ShopBazaar.

Condé Nast Britain launches Stories, a dedicated branded content division

Condé Nast Britain Digital announced the launch of Stories, the newly titled branded content studio. Led by Tristan Taylor, head of Branded Content Commercial, this division is devoted to branded content creation on multiple platforms across the portfolio with a team consisting of specialists across video, editorial, social and data. 

Congress Q&A

'Experiment with VR, but the bigger opportunity is AR’

Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly loves augmented reality (AR). And at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Pokémon Go creator, Niantic’s John Hanke, told the BBC he believes AR will be better business than virtual reality (VR). We spoke to a specialist in AR to find out more about the opportunity for publishers.


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