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FIPP World: 9 steps to transforming teams; Adweek transformation; Aller's data success; FB and more
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Nine steps to rapidly transform your legacy teams

No amount of tinkering at reorganisation will work. Tinkering has failed. New business models and new editorial models require new thinking, new roles, new workflows, and new organisational structures, writes INNOVATION Media Consulting senior director John Wilpers.

How Adweek is evolving to meet new audience demands

As specialist B2B brands go, Adweek has been a guiding light for decades. But as Jeff Litvack, Adweek’s chief operating officer, explains, thriving in an increasingly competitive space requires new tools and missions.

How Aller Media Finland unlocked the value of data-for-profit

In less than three years, Aller Media Finland has become the leading company in Finland to harvest consumer data as an income asset. Sami Lahtinen, director, data and digital solutions, and Sini Kervinen, head of business operations, data and digital solutions, explain how the establishment of the Aller Refinery data unit managed to place data at the heart of their business’s growth

Publishers on FB Instant Articles: like it, don’t like it, don’t know…

It might be bluntly stated but these days there are three types of digital publishers: those who love Facebook’s Instant Articles, those who don't, and those who simply have no idea. Whichever camp you fall into, it is dividing opinion in the digital publishing landscape despite coming with a warning: if you turn your back on the masses, they might just trample you to death.

Making a noise: the power of audio in stories

Paula Cordeiro is a media entrepreneur and founder of Urbanista, a Portugal-based multi-media brand with a strong focus on audio. She explains how audio has given her a point a difference and discusses the barriers to audio becoming more mainstream…

Country Living takes readers on a road trip with pioneering front cover

Hearst’s Country Living magazine has created an extraordinary front cover for their June 2017 issue, with a special wheel cover. The cover features a road scene illustrated by British illustrator Holly Wales and a die-cut steering wheel which opens up to give readers a sneak peek at the issue and its contents. 


Chart of the week: Millennials are the most prolific digital assistant users

They haven't had their big-time breakthrough yet. Still, digital voice assistants - such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Microsoft’s Cortana - are on the rise.

Lukas Kircher: Native advertising should not ‘blend in’

How much effort should be put towards securing a truly native feel to your offerings? And when do they become too native? What should an agency offer to stay relevant to clients today and how do agencies and publishers avoid fighting each other? Lukas Kircher, founder and partner at Germany's leading content marketing agency C3 certainly has strong opinions on these subjects and on the quality of advertising today which he deems to be 90 per cent "crap".

FIPP exclusive: free eMarketer report on video trends to 2020

Nearly 2.15 billion Internet users worldwide will view at least one video per month in 2017, up nearly 75 per cent from 1.22 million in 2012, with viewership set to increase to 2.51 billion by 2020. Download the report here.

Industry news

Haymarket Media Group acquires British Media Awards and Digital Media Strategies conferences

Haymarket Media Group announced the acquisition of the British Media Awards and Digital Media Strategies conference portfolio from Briefing Media. The deal sees Haymarket take complete ownership of the brands.

Time Inc. launches The Pretty, a stand-alone social video brand all about beauty

Time Inc. announced that it has launched The Pretty, a social video brand for a millennial and Gen Z audience hungry for beauty content. The brand combines how-to's, hacks, product information and humour.

Venetia Scott appointed fashion director of British Vogue

Venetia Scott, acclaimed stylist and fashion photographer, will become fashion director of British Vogue effective 10th July, it was announced by Edward Enninful, incoming editor-in-chief.

Shueisha, Hearst Fujingaho and other publishers begin online distribution of magazine content in Chinese-speaking areas

Major Japanese publishers, including Shueisha and Hearst Fujingaho, joined advertising agency Dentsu and content distributor Fujisan Magazine Service in fully launching the online distribution of Japanese magazine content in Chinese-speaking areas.

Empire Magazine prints five iconic collector's covers to mark 100 greatest films poll

Bauer Media’s Empire publishes five iconic covers in celebration of its 100 Greatest Movies poll. 

In case you missed it

How Southern Living is going about brand extensions, from community to retail and more

Time Inc.’s Southern Living celebrates life in the Southern US, covering the best in food, home, garden and travel. It has a variety of print, digital, mobile, and product licensing and events. Here we take a look at how Southern Living goes about extending the brand.

Glamour Spain at 15: celebration with eyes firmly fixed on the future

Glamour magazine in Spain is celebrating its 15th birthday, having established itself as the best selling magazine on newsstands in the country since its very first edition. Alicia Parro, editor-in-chief, told FIPP how they plan to toast their success.

Forgotten about Pinterest? Think again

Pinterest has three core topics that drive a lot of traffic: fashion, food, and design. In their latest media kit, Pinterest says that it has 117 million design-related pins and three billion wedding-related pins. And who else have lots of content on weddings, food, and design besides Pinterest? That’s right, we, the media.

From the archive

The changing role of the editor

In this article from June 2016, Jessica Patterson spoke to international editors to find out what the role meant for them one year ago. 


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