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FIPP World: Emerging subscription models; Meredith; monetisation strategies; and more
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Five industry experts give their insights into emerging subscription models

Subscription based media models are very much back at the forefront of the UK industry’s thoughts, as was made clear during the recent UK Professional Publishers Association (PPA) Festival in London. Here, we’ve combined the insights of five industry experts who spoke on the subject at the event from leading brands including Centaur, IHS Markit, Financial Times, Campaign, and Time Inc.  

How Meredith's Magnolia Journal subscriptions bloomed to near a million in a matter of months

For many a print magazine, times are tough. However, Meredith’s newest print quarterly, The Magnolia Journal has seen subscriptions jump to nearly a million before the end of its first year. It shows how, in the right circumstances and right approach, print can still thrive.

Monetisation: six strategies for increasing average revenue per reader

Remember ‘information wants to be free’? It was always a bad idea. High quality information must come at a price because it is expensive to produce, and we are, after all, media businesses, writes INNOVATION Media Consulting senior director John Wilpers.

The Immediate Media Co story: from starting up to being acquired by Burda

Earlier this month at the PPA Festival, Barry Mcllheney of the UK Publishers Association sat down with Immediate Media Co’s CEO, Tom Bureau, who talked about the journey from starting Immediate to being acquired by German-based publisher, Hubert Burda. 

Transitioning to digital when print still pays the bills

For most publishers, transitioning from print to digital is the essential change. But when print magazines remain the most profitable part of your business, it can be important to balance evolution rationally in order not to lose the print cash cow. Here, we talk to Danish company, Bonnier Publications, about walking that very path.


[Chart] Google, Facebook and the topic of your content

Publishing lifestyle content? Then the likelihood is that more people will find your content via Facebook than Google search. But if you publish tech content, Google search may well be the best driver of engagement with your content. This is according to data and analytics firm Parse.ly

[Video] Melanie Deziel’s rules for creating great native advertising

How do you convince advertisers to tell real stories for native advertising? How much branding is too much branding? What does mobile mean for storytelling in native advertising? The award-winning content strategist Melanie Deziel shares her insights on how to create great native advertising. 

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Inside The Business of Fashion

In the space of only a decade, The Business of Fashion has grown from a blog to multi-channel business servicing a global professional community in the millions through a website, newsletters, social media, print magazine and membership programme, with clear, diversified revenue model and each stream contributing meaningfully to the overall top line.

Eight lessons from Cosmopolitan on publishing to Snapchat Discover

One of the lessons for Cosmopolitan following the brand’s wildly successful launch on Snapchat Discover just short of 2.5 years ago was that «you have to dig beyond analytics to find out what [users] are saying about your editions and what they really care about». 

Prisma Media transformation chief: ‘Nothing will ever be the same again’

In the fast-changing publishing space, transformation is more complex than ever before. Philipp Schmidt, chief transformation officer at France’s Prisma Media discusses how his business is implementing change – and sets out his views on trends in the French market. 

From the archive

Forget attention span. Why websites have to make long-form integral part of their content mix.

In this story from 2016, Steffen Konrath writes about long-form content and why it should be considered an essential part of your content mix on your website. What data tells us is, that investing into producing longer hiqh-quality, word-rich articles pays off. Long form contributes to both, more social shares and higher ranking in search results, leading to more traffic on your site, and more eyeballs, which you can monetise. But now the facts. 


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