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Prisma Media transformation chief: ‘Nothing will ever be the same again’ 

In the fast-changing publishing space, transformation is more complex than ever before. Philipp Schmidt, chief transformation officer at France’s Prisma Media discusses how his business is implementing change – and sets out his views on trends in the French market.


How developing trends in luxury advertising impact thinking (and doing) at Robb Report

For some time now, luxury media have occupied an interesting position in the marketplace, somewhat insulated against economic turbulence, "for so long a well-heeled haven from the turmoil". This does not mean luxury media can rest on their laurels as disruption across the media industry continues apace.


Bloomberg's Josh Rucci: ‘We should talk about mobile battery life’

With publishers increasingly entering the video fray from shot clips to full feature films, the industry needs to have more discussion about the shortcomings of mobile as well.


Twitter’s Bruce Daisley on successfully evolving company culture

One thing we talk about a lot in the industry is cultural change. How can legacy publishers influence mindsets and behaviour patterns to facilitate a workplace evolution? What we forget is that technological and cultural change is already happening in the world around us, and influencing from the outside in. Speaking at the PPA Festival at the Tobacco Dock in London last week, Bruce Daisley of Twitter gave his views on how companies can better embrace cultural change.



Verve's Ian James: apps allow you to monetise better than the web

By cleverly using location-based data from mobile devices, Verve assists marketers and publishers to monetise via better engagement with in-app audiences. Ian James, CEO for international business at Verve, explains how the shift from desktop to mobile apps made it vital to create new technology that improved customer experiences and enhanced brand engagement.


Publishers ‘need to balance journalism, business and user experience’

The Asian market is a good benchmark for publishers wanting to understand the future of content, says João Romao, CEO and founder of getsocial.io. «If you look at WeChat for example, it’s a gateway for the Internet in China. You have social and your followers, games, ecommerce, everything in one place.»



Rising global media stars on things that excite them in media today

From subscriptions to video, from workplace diversity to real-time storytelling, from tech/media integration to developing experiences, and from pop-up magazine events to new models for local journalism – these are some of the things about media today that excite previous FIPP/UPM Rising Stars in Global Media.





10 strategies publishers can learn from content marketers

Journalism and content marketing – they are two sides of the same industry. Journalism needs content to build brands, make markets and define opinions. Content marketing needs content to make money with opinions and stories based on brands’ messages. 


Chart of the week: Ads in legacy media are still the most tolerated

According to data compiled by Kantar Media, people still prefer advertisements in legacy media, whereas they dislike them more in new media formats.



[Video] BurdaForward: programmatic selling beats direct sales

Native Advertising makes up about 30 per cent of Burda's total revenue. It's part of the 'Goodvertising' strategy which also includes programmatic selling.


An in-depth look at seven key issues for media discussed at DIS 2017

In this in-depth, special report from DIS 2017, Ashley Norris and Sadie Hale highlight seven of the key issues discussed by speakers at the recent Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin. Download the report here.


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How Haymarket plans to grow its automotive sector

Haymarket Media Group announced a £50 million expansion of its consumer automotive operations by creating a new division, Haymarket Automotive. The division’s new managing director, Rachael Prasher explains how they plan to further capitalise on the success of three of its auto brands: What Car?, PistonHeads and Autocar.



Hearst Magazines Digital Media to launch Glo, a new media brand targeted at millennials

Hearst Magazines Digital Media announced the upcoming launch of a new millennial-targeted healthy-living media brand, Glo, a video partnership with social platform musical.ly, and a collaboration with actress and activist America Ferrera. 


Why magazines still have a place in the fashion industry

Rapid innovations in technology have altered consumers’ expectations. With information readily available on demand, no longer are they willing to wait; what they see they want immediately. Where does this leave the magazine, which used to be the holy grail for fashion brands? Can it still fulfil its role as fashion’s key marketing channel in 2017 and beyond?


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In defense of your fancy new homepage: Why packaging content is still valuable even in the era of the great unbundling

In this article from May 2015, HBR's Josh Macht writes "A trip to San Francisco always gives me a boost of energy, especially when it comes upon the snow-covered heels of a long winter in Boston. So I was particularly excited to visit Facebook last month."


last month."


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