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Why and how Schibsted innovated by launching new magazines

International media group Schibsted started in newspapers two centuries ago. Now, it’s evolved into many different forms of media and into many more countries. Andreas Finborud, publishing director, shares some of the story of how the business has evolved, with particular emphasis on how they are innovating with magazine media of late…

How Paris Match uses data to engage audiences during the French election

The French presidential election is an opportunity for innovators in French journalism to embrace a variety of platforms for political news coverage. Paris Match – founded in 1949 – created among other initiatives its own online data tool to assist readers to analyse political language. The French franchise of Business Insider – only 6 months old – focused on speaking directly to ‘the next generation of French leaders’.

Hoaxes, myths and lies: a driving force for a more collaborative media?

CrossCheck, the first collaborative journalism verification project to combat the spread of fake news has been running for just over three months in the run-up to this year’s French presidential election. If successful it could be rolled out to other parts of the world. But will it help safeguard future elections?

How a SF startup helped a Japanese publisher overcome its ‘text dilemma’

A Silicon Valley startup solved one of the biggest headaches for a top publishing company in Japan: how to convert Japanese printed text, written vertically, into digitally compatible html text to not only to use in digital magazines and apps but also to make it easier to translate for an international audience. 

How this magazine re-engineered itself to the point of becoming a global licensing play

In this exclusive video interview for FIPP, Ilkka O. Lavas, publisher and senior partner for Finnish publishing house City Digital, explains the process involved in transitioning a lagging legacy print brand into a thriving digital publication, and going beyond to create an international software licensing solution.

Tech CEO to publishers: ‘Don’t underestimate the value of your brands, content’

The rise of LinkedIn has had a major impact on the jobs advertising market, but there are lessons from the response of publishers to this disruption that can be applied to other areas of business – in particular when it comes to the importance of brand and quality of journalism.

News from F8, Snap: What two Congress speakers told us earlier this year…

Earlier this year, we discussed developments set to impact on publishers with two speakers who will be at the 41st FIPP World Congress in London (9-11 October). Now, several of these developments were in the spotlight at Facebook’s F8 conference – most notably the phone camera and augmented reality (AR). Snap Inc. also joined the fray. Here is more... 


Chart of the week: Native vs. networked on social platforms

Native content is on the rise. It's not just native advertising that is proving prolific. Also, there's a trend towards publisher actually using social media platforms not just to bait readers to come to their own websites via backlinks, but to wholesale distribute complete pieces on social.

Mashable exec on why branded and editorial content teams should have the same leadership

Why should branded and editorial content teams have the same overall leadership? How do you create good native advertising? How do you keep up with new social media platforms?

FIPP World Congress in London | Last chance to save | Reasons to attend 

At the 41st FIPP World Congress you can learn from businesses and meet with media colleagues from around the world – in one place, for 2.5 days, in London. And what’s more, if you book on/before 30 April, you can save at least £800 on final delegate rates. Book now to save.

Deadline looming for your winning research entries

The FIPP Insight Awards deadline for entries is Tuesday 2 May 2017. Download the entry form and submit your winning magazine media research campaigns today (no entry fee required).

From our archive

‘How to do print in the digital age’

Samir Husni is the founder and director of the Magazine Innovation Center at the University of Mississippi’s Meek School of Journalism and New Media. He’s also known as – and owns the trademark for – ‘Mr. Magazine’. Husni spoke to Jon Watkins about the future of print in the digital age.


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