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A futurist on media trends; new British Vogue editor; thriving with brand extensions; and more
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Futurist Amy Webb on how to look for and think about trends set to impact media

With so much happening in technology, it’s difficult to choose what to focus on or not. How should publishers distinguish between "must consider", "may consider" or "don’t consider»? In the process, author, futurist and founder of the Future Today Institute (FTI) in New York City, miss a lot of what is happening at the fringe that could impact them in a major way in time to come.

How an African travel magazine built a thriving business on trust and brand extensions galore

A monthly travel and outdoor lifestyle magazine in Southern Africa is flourishing thanks to the development of multiple income streams from spin-off publications, tours, events, workshops and even a TV show. All this on the back of a trusted printed product, says editor-in-chief Pierre Steyn.

British Vogue appoints new editor

Edward Enninful, an acclaimed magazine fashion director, will become editor of British Vogue effective August 1, it was announced by Jonathan Newhouse, chairman and chief executive of Condé Nast International.

Four dimensions of successful media organisational change

Lucy Küng, advisor, professor, and author focused on strategy, innovation, and mastering digitalisation sets out her view of the current digital sphere, while providing some insights for enacting effective organisational change, including four key dimensions of successful transformation...

How a startup partnered with Dennis to bring Alphr.es to Spain and LatAm

It’s been six months since the launch of Alphr.es, the Spanish version of Alphr.com, Dennis Publishing’s English language technology website. Establishing the site has been a learning process with valuable lessons learnt about building trust and engagement through good storytelling, says Pablo Bueno, director of Wannacom Comunicación, the startup that struck the licensing deal to bring this award-winning technology site to Spain and the wider Latin American market.

Using the ‘power of questions to make audiences partners, win trust, increase ROI'

Jennifer Brandel explains the power of engaging audiences from the very start of the storytelling process, rather than see engagement as the eventual product of storytelling - and how the approach not only makes audiences your partners and wins back trust, but also delivers to the bottom line.

How Condé Nast’s Bon Appétit approaches content strategy

Living on multiple platforms is an interesting challenge for food magazine Bon Appétit, one that asks different questions BonAppétit.com editor Carey Polis’ job. In the digital age, on platforms that constantly demand content, the Condé Nast brand comes at content strategy with a unique perspective.

Nintendo Switch: how a 127yr old playing card publisher became a multi-platform pioneer

The Nintendo Switch received its global launch earlier this month to much adulation from the tech and gaming press. The machine’s multi-platform focus means that the very hardware on which it functions triples as 3-devices-in-1: a home console, a tablet, and a mobile gaming device. With a high focus on legacy brands, exclusive content and multi-platform engagement, it’s an innovation that offers an alternative insight into a successful digital publishing strategy in 2017.

How Mexico’s Merca2.0 experiments into the future

Mexico is transitioning from a «creative» to «innovative» not only as a country, but also in terms of its media markets, says Alvaro Rattinger, CEO of Merca 2.0. Merca 2.0 is very much part of the proverbial ride.

FIPP World Congress 2017 | Meet the speaker

Chris Kerwin is publishing director at BBC Worldwide.He'll be speaking at the 41st FIPP World Congress, taking place from 9-11 October in London.

Read his bio »

FIPP World Congress 2017 | Meet the speaker

Lucy Küngis Google Digital News Senior Research Fellow at Reuters Institute, Oxford University. She'll also be speaking at the 41st FIPP World Congress, taking place from 9-11 October in London.

Read her bio »


Chart of the week: Instagram and Facebook for B2C, LinkedIn and Twitter for B2B

Social media is developing into one of the most important advertising channels on the web. According to the latest report by the Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization (SEMPO), search ads still dominate online, but social media is the fastest growing segment.

 [Video] Dominik Grau: The seven steps to creating evergreen content

How do you create evergreen content? What can evergreen content mean for your audience building? What is a transaction editor? Dominik Grau, chief innovation officer at Ebner Media, explains how his company works with evergreen content.

Never a dull moment with Innovation in Magazine Media

Innovative media are devising all manner of experiences in print and digital formats to draw attention to their products. Magda Abu-Fadil, in her blog for The Huffington Post, takes a look at the latest Innovation in Magazine Media Report from FIPP. 

Counting down: Save £800 and more on FIPP World Congress tickets

Our FIPP World Congress discounted pre-agenda offer, with savings of £800 and more on final delegate rates, is available until the end the month, 30 April.

Experience cutting edge virtual reality on the Digital Innovators USA Tour

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are starting to change media, creating new ways to engage audiences to enlighten, empower and educate. Yet, few have experienced the full power of this new medium. Here is your chance to change that.

Need inspiration for your FIPP Insight Awards entries? Here are last year's winners.

FIPP is looking for your winning research campaigns to enter the FIPP Insight Awards. Deadline: Tuesday 2 May 2017. Here, for some inspiration, is a snapshot of the winning entries from 2016.

ICYMI: Popular from last week

Condé Nast and Joe Media on creating a sustainable video strategy

Getting online video right can bring lucrative revenue streams to publishers, and is often cited by as a key area for growth. But as more established media owners make the leap from written word to moving images, the challenges involved with monetising online video – and making that monetisation sustainable – are becoming ever clearer.

Why publishers should hire an artificial intelligence (AI) manager

Wording is everything, as the media know best. The current hype and controversies about artificial intelligence (AI) are partly due to its recent successes in beating humans in chess, Jeopardy and self-driving cars but the real reason for its emotional debate goes deeper.

Lessons for all publishers from the transformation of Abril in Brazil

As one of Brazil’s largest legacy media companies, Abril Group is now evolving quickly and seeing some fantastic results. Walter Longo, president & CEO, explains how the business makes decisions to evolve, and why it is headed in the direction it is...


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