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FIPP World: Revenue models, transformation, editorial «gut feel», 1920’s inspiration, and more
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One company’s ‘blueprint’ for magazine media to thrive

Yes, magazine media companies can thrive at a time dominated by large platforms sucking 80 per cent of digital advertising spend out of the ecosystem leaving countless others scrapping it out over the remaining 20 per cent while print advertising also declines.

Transformation in India: Vikatan’s plans to grow digital revenues five-fold by 2020

The Ananda Vikatan Group, one of India’s leading magazine media houses, has sped up its digital transformation over the past two years. Here, Srinivasan (Srini) Balasubramanian, managing director and head of content, explains how he intends to reshape the publisher of twelve Tamil language magazine media brands into a modern, subscription based, digital first business come 2020.

Paid content in the spotlight: some successes, but challenges remain

The recent BILD ‘International Paid Content Summit’ in Berlin served as a growing reminder that leading world media brands would have to stand united in the belief that quality digital journalism can only be successful if audiences are convinced to pay for online content. We take a look at some early successes, but also the continuing challenges.


Taking inspiration from the 1920s, Axel Springer launches a print magazine for a digital age

Retro in the sphere of magazine publishing has seldom seen anything as arresting as last week’s relaunch of ‘DIE DAME’ (The Lady) - an early 20th century magazine published in Berlin and now brought back to life by Axel Springer. The new «super analog» bi-annual publication is a deliberate effort to rival contemporary digital reading habits.

BBC Worldwide on its exclusive content partnership deal with Snapchat

BBC Worldwide is the latest high profile media brand to create exclusive content for Snapchat. Here, in this exclusive interview for FIPP, Daniel Winner, Director of Digital Partnerships at BBC Worldwide, talks us through the intricacies of the partnership, the potential benefits it brings, and how this development feeds into the Company’s wider new media strategy.

How MPA Next creates community for up-and-coming magazine media professionals

MPA Next is an initiative aiming to fill a need in the industry to train, educate and provide networking opportunities for those with fewer than seven years in the industry - for those in non-editorial positions like PR, advertising, marketing, and business development. It exists next to ASME Next, a similar initiative aimed at young journalists.

How Brazil’s Infoglobo transformed into a multi-platform content company

Last month, Infoglobo announced its metamorphosis from a print-centric newspaper company to a multiplatform company focused on digital content for multiple brands and verticals.

Empire editor: data and research are vital, but so is gut feel – even today

From features assistant on Woman & Home magazine to editor of ShortList in six years is an amazing feat. Terri White, now editor-in-chief of Empire, shares some of the pivotal lessons she’s learned with Mary Hogarth along with her vision for the future.


Chart of the week: What are the top 10 goals of influencer marketing?

The direct pay-for-play broadcast model of advertising does not work like it used to. One of the most apparent reasons being the use of ad blockers.

FIPP Insight report: The oft maligned «comment section» – time for a rethink?

Conversation about the value of the often-maligned comments section on websites continue. In this report, we speak to The Coral Project's Greg Barber and Civil Co.'s Christa Mrgan – discussing topics such as how they try to deal with «pain points» comments sections’ cause many a publisher, overcoming the problem of echo chambers and trust, monetisation opportunities, ongoing innovation and more.

Video: "Clicks and followers are just vanity metrics."

How do you measure native advertising? How do we turn vanity metrics into valuable data? How do we secure ROI? Claire Austin, head of audience at King Content, explains this and much more in this video interview by the Native Advertising Institute.

Industry news on fipp.com

Time Inc. launches Well Done, a new, all-video, social brand

Time Inc. launches Well Done, a new social brand directed at the millions of food lovers who consume and share videos about the latest food trends, news, how-to's and recipes via the social ecosystem.

Join media expert Andreas Pfeiffer and Woodwing for an exclusive, free webinar

Attention all magazine media publishers and creators of amazing content, here is a webinar designed especially for you. Woodwing has teamed up with renowned industry expert Andreas Pfeiffer from Pfeiffer Consulting for a 30-minute power webinar.

Haymarket announces content partnership to bring Stuff to the Philippines

Haymarket has announced a new content partnership with Autobrands Media Ventures to bring Stuff to the Philippines.

Facebook begins rolling out its much-anticipated solution to fake news

Facebook, which was criticised for its role in facilitating the spread of misinformation doing the presidential election, just debuted its first attempt at dealing with the problem. (Via Business Insider UK)

Google gets in on publishers’ online comments section game

In recognising to the potential value of – but also challenges of managing – online comment sections on publisher websites, Google Digital News Initiative has launched Perspective, an API «that helps online platforms and publishers host better conversations».

ICYMI - most popular from the past month

How Hearst UK is developing ‘Events-as-a-Service’

Hardly a year after the launch of Hearst Live, Hearst Magazines UK’s events team, the results have been nothing short of «remarkable». Now the team will move into their own dedicated, purpose-designed events venue in the heart of Soho, one of London’s most iconic areas.

The New York Times News Service: from WWI ‘war wire’ to rich, multi-media content today

Started during World War I, The New York Times News Service and Syndicate today offers partners rich multi-media content across a range of verticals and in several languages from not only The New York Times but also other premium content sources such as Harvard Business Review, National Geographic, Slate, The Economist, Meredith and more.

Publishers ‘missing out on huge tech R&D investments made around them’

R&D budgets play a huge part in the advancement of digital publishing, as does the development of new technology platforms and services. However, there still exists greater opportunity for collaboration between traditional media companies and the emerging technology platforms that are increasingly helping to deliver content online.

What is the best indicator for successful content?

It’s notoriously hard to measure successful content in the online world. There are many different metrics out there that could possibly tell you if the things you put online are being accepted by users.


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