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FIPP World: Tech R&D, FIPP CEO steps down, Hearst Live and more
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Publishers ‘missing out on huge tech R&D investments made around them’

R&D budgets play a huge part in the advancement of digital publishing, as does the development of new technology platforms and services. However, there still exists greater opportunity for collaboration between traditional media companies and the emerging technology platforms that are increasingly helping to deliver content online.

FIPP President and CEO steps down

Chris Llewellyn, FIPP President & CEO, will be stepping down from his role later this year. FIPP is now commencing the selection process to recruit his successor.

How Hearst UK is developing ‘Events-as-a-Service’

Hardly a year after the launch of Hearst Live, Hearst Magazines UK’s events team, the results have been nothing short of «remarkable». Now the team will move into their own dedicated, purpose-designed events venue in the heart of Soho, one of London’s most iconic areas.

Monetising directly from consumer: three tech experts share their thoughts

With rising uncertainty in the ad market, not to mention Facebook and Google owning some 80 per cent of all digital advertising expenditure, there is increasing conversation among publishers about monetisation directly from the consumer.

The story behind New York Magazine’s highly praised ‘Year in Memes’

We talk to the creators of New York Magazine’s «The Year in Memes,» which was nominated for a National Magazine award in the US earlier this year. «The Year in Memes" is a collection 366 of the most outrageous, viral memes of 2016, created by Select All, a technology vertical launched by New York magazine.

FIPP World Congress | Meet the speaker

Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan is founder and CEO of Drawbridge. Kamakshi will be speaking at the 41st FIPP World Congress, taking place from 9-11 October in London. Read her bio »


Chart of the week: What is the best indicator for successful content?

It’s notoriously hard to measure successful content in the online world. There are many different metrics out there that could possibly tell you if the things you put online are being accepted by users. 

[Charts] Platforms and publishers: No sign of retreat

Despite publishers' disillusionment with low financial returns, there is no sign of them retreating from publishing material directly onto Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and other distribution platforms. (Via Columbia Journalism Review) Book now »

Industry news on fipp.com

Dennis find success in ad block battle: results from six-month test project

Up to 57 per cent of users with ad block software opted to receive ads when educated about content compensation, and up to 38 per cent selected to whitelist sites.

Facebook shares update on video monetisation

In a post published last week, Facebook shares three updates about video monetisation on the social media platform and through Audience Network - Facebook's tool to extend campaigns into other mobile apps.

Axel Springer brings Die Dame back to newsstands - after 80 years of its last publication

Axel Springer is bringing Die Dame («the lady») back to newsstands beginning Thursday, 2 March 2017. As an «illustrated fashion magazine», Die Dame was issued by Berlin’s Ullstein publishing house between 1912 and 1937.

VIDEO: Dale Lovell on the DNA of native advertising success in 2017

What is the DNA of native advertising success in 2017? How do you adopt a native first mindset? Why is the social media feed so important for native? Does native need traditional advertising to succeed?

Pacific Magazines partners with Magzter for digital expansion

Australian publisher Pacific Magazines has added its titles to Magzter, including Men's Health, Women's Health, InStyle, Marie Claire and New Idea.

ICYMI - most popular from the past month

How HBR is embracing the future

Harvard Business Review’s print magazine recently underwent a redesign… But, as Josh Macht, EVP and group publisher for the Harvard Business Review Group, explains, the design changes are part of a much bigger shift in strategy, which involves a much bigger multi-platform ‘experience’ overall – gearing up HBR not only to take advantages of opportunities today, but also readying it for the opportunities of tomorrow.

How Bloomberg innovates at the intersection of media and technology to create new revenue opportunities

Bloomberg is one of the largest and most influential business media organisations in the world. It is also one of the most agile when it comes to innovation

Hearst Autos broadens audience, invests in mobile and editorial for 2017

Hearst is investing resources into its new Autos division and expanding its automotive brands, building off the success of the last several months. This build up involves editorial expansion as well as a functional expansion, according to division president Nick Matarazzo.

[Long read] How prepared are you for another fundamental shift in how your audiences behave?

Putting more emphasis on consumers’ behavioural shifts and not only thinking of the technological shifts is fundamental for publishers to survive another period of what will be «tumultuous change».


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