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FIPP World: Axel Springer exec on why special interest brands are booming
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Axel Springer's special interest magazines are booming in Germany

In recent years, magazine launches have exploded in the special interest and niche sector. In Germany, special interest is flourishing, according to Dr. Hans Hamer, the publishing and managing director of the Axel Springer publishing group for automotive, sports and computer/consumer electronics in Germany.     

How Bloomberg innovates at the intersection of media and technology to create new revenue opportunities

Bloomberg is one of the largest and most influential business media organisations in the world. It is also one of the most agile when it comes to innovation.       

Social media 'leaves publishers in the dust, connecting people around stories'

Publishers pride themselves on being at the top end of the business of storytelling, but have arguably been bad at recognising and exploiting the value of connections that develop around stories.

The continued power of special interest media – across all platforms

The benefits of special-interest titles have long been known. And the opportunities being served up by digital platforms and 360-degree strategies are enhancing their potential even further

Three industry insiders on journalism in 2017

With fake news, ‘alternative facts’, and unverified reporting making the headlines the traditional journalist-reader relationship is under scrutiny like never before at the start of 2017. Indeed, this discourse is not limited to the news media

Lack of trust in media: 'magazine media could offer a blue print out'

According to recently released studies and as witnessed first-hand during the Brexit and US presidential campaigns in 2016, media have a major trust problem. And without public trust, the media’s, in particular news media, job to hold other institutions to account has a fatal flaw. At the same time, not all media are created equal...


Chart of the week: Fake news and how it's perceived

«The Trump campaign has confirmed to Hannity.com that Mr. Trump did indeed send his plane to make two trips from North Carolina to Miami, Florida to transport over 200 Gulf War Marines back home.» The story posted in May 2016 was a fake.

Time to rethink the (often maligned) comment section?

Conversation about the value of the often-maligned comments section on websites continue, even as several high profile websites pulled comment sections off their sites in recent years.  

Report – Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer

Trust in media is at at all time low, according to Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer.

Industry news on fipp.com

Snap files IPO - buts says it might never be profitable

Snap, the parent company of the social messaging platform Snapchat, has announced plans to IPO. The move, which some US financial analysts predict will be the biggest tech floatation of the year, had been widely predicted.

Facebook launches anti fake-news drive in France as election approaches

Facebook launched on Monday an initiative to tackle fake news stories in France, with the media in the spotlight as the country's presidential election approaches.

Haymarket's FourFourTwo announces multi-platform content partnership in The Netherlands and Kenya

FourFourTwo has announced multi-platform content partnerships in two new countries – The Netherlands (with Voetbal International) and Kenya (with Soka). 

Orage launches Lonely Planet Traveller bookazines in Norway and Sweden

Under a new licencing agreement with Lonely Planet, Orage AS has launched Norwegian and Swedish editions of the Lonely Planet Traveller bookazine, Dream Trips 2017.

Egmont launches second Yo-Kai Watch issue of Showcase

Egmont Publishing announced the latest issue of its new Showcase magazine series, featuring popular boys brand Yo-Kai Watch.

ICYMI - most popular from the past month

An open letter to everyone looking for true journalism

Combating fake news and mistrust: True journalism is not dead if you know where to look and how to find it.

How The Economist built an award-winning engagement strategy

Mobile-optimised content immersive experiences paired with direct response campaigns make for a successful marketing strategy, according to David Humber, marketing director, digital engagement at The Economist. Especially if the content is targeted at segments of its known audiences on topics that pique interest.

How The Washington Post drives innovation

When Jeff Bezos acquired The Washington Post in 2013 many media commentators expected to see the newspaper become more aggressive in its use of technology. Few predicted the speed and breadth of the transformation, for within two years it was being hailed by Fast Company as the most innovative media company of the year. 

A look at AJ+ - Al Jazeera’s unique approach to engaging with millennials

There are now several examples of startup media companies that have jettisoned the traditional destination site-driven approach to online publishing and instead focused exclusively on social platforms. Yet very few legacy publishers have embraced this strategy.

Audience engagement trends in 2017

As social channels continue their meteoric surge, publishers face the balancing act of growing their branded sites while using their content to engage audiences on platforms that aren’t theirs.

2017 could be the year of resurgence for magazines

As new measurements are introduced and publishers develop innovative ways to create deeper connections with readers, magazines have a bright future. Reproduced here with thanks to Campaign, this article was authored by Sarah Hennessy, managing director at MEC.


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