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FIPP World: How to maximise the impact of your content
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How to maximise the impact of your content

Germany's Ebner Media Group looks at content from many different perspectives. For example: a long story is never just a long story, it is a collection of an array of facts, figures, data and elements that are called ‘minimum information units’ (MIUs). Combined with a ‘touchpoints matrix’, such MIUs can be powerful resources to maximise the impact of your content. Dominik Grau explains how.

FIPP’s guide to live video in 2017

It’s been nine months since Facebook introduced its live video service and there is no discussion - Facebook Live is big. But they are not the only one on the market. What are some of the best examples of media and brands using live streaming, and will this service increase revenues in the upcoming year? Olga Nasalskaya investigates.

Chart of the week: Creativity counts, but please be productive while you're at it

Being creative is seen as the most important characteristic employers look for these days in an employee. Thinking outside the box is all that matters on the mission to perpetual renewal and innovation. However, research by Adobe underscores that while creativity is seen as an important feature at work, at the end of the day it is productivity that counts.

Meredith Xcelerated Marketing launches innovation lab

Meredith Xcelerated Marketing (MXM) and Creative Code and Content (C3) have partnered to launch the Global Content Marketing Network, to develop and deliver content marketing on a global scale. As part of that, they've created an innovation and marketing lab.

Digital publishers vs big technology platforms

Last month, Cameron & Wilding and Kemp Little hosted a Digital Publishing Breakfast Roundtable. The hot topic? The current relationship between digital publishers and the big technology platforms.

PROMOTION: Registration for FIPP World Congress opens with £800 discount

Registration for the 41st FIPP World Congress is now open with our discounted launch offer. This offer, saving you £800/ticket on final rates, is available for only one month, until 8 January 2017.

PROMOTION: Two more companies added to the Digital Innovators' Tour programme

The next Digital Innovators' Tour to New York and Washington DC will take place between 7-12 May 2017. These two cities offer an interesting mix of innovative traditional publishers and new media players as well as tech companies and other organisations that will impact the future of publishing.

What we've been reading

MPA data shows mobile audiences are three times greater than web audiences

Data from MPA's monthly brand audience report shows a quarter of brands surveyed say mobile audiences are three times or greater than their web audiences. In October 2015, the report showed the mobile web platform had a 29 per cent share of total audience, whereas in October 2016, its share has increased to 32 per cent.

Five charts that explain the power of great native ad headlines

With audiences grappling with a massive surplus in content and subsequent deficit of attention, the headline has become the most important thing brands need to get right to attract meaningful audience attention with their in-feed native ad campaigns.

Seven growth strategies of successful chatbots

Chatbots have captivated the tech world. Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM all heavily invest in conversational platforms. Thousands of developers, businesses, and brands build bots to engage users, but one fact is clear...

Social media ads to hit US$50bn in 2019, catching up with newspapers

Global advertising expenditure in social media will grow 72 per cent between 2016 and 2019, rising from US$29bn to $50bn, according to Zenith’s new Advertising Expenditure Forecasts.

Magnetic announces appointment of Marcus Rich as chairman

Time Inc. UK CEO, Marcus Rich will replace Magnetic's launch chairman, Mark Cranmer, who is stepping down to focus on other business ventures. Rich will be taking the reins at the UK magazine marketing agency from 1 January 2017.

Xavier Romatet named Condé Nast International vice president

Xavier Romatet, president directeur-general of Condé Nast France, will become a vice president of Condé Nast International and join the organisation's executive committee, it was announced by Jonathan Newhouse, chairman and chief executive. Romatet’s new position is effective 1 January 2017.


Time Inc. UK research reveals new insight into Millennials

'The National' - creating ‘Americana’ for US rail travellers

The organic feel of mobile video is the current flavour of the internet

Brands need to cool it with the emojis


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