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FIPP World: Time Inc. UK research reveals new insight into Millennials
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Time Inc. UK research reveals new insight into Millennials

Millennials are not all the same, and by not recognising different segments of this generation, publishers and advertisers may be missing out. That's the message from Time Inc. UK, whose new research "The New Mainstream" reveals six diverse audience segments within the Millennial population in the UK, as well as their influences and how they interact.

Chart of the week: Brands need to cool it with the emojis

Being perceived as young and dynamic probably still is one of the most sought after brand images. One of the ways in which brands and businesses seek to appear up to date is by using so-called emojis, either in advertising or in their general communications.

The organic feel of mobile video is the current flavour of the internet

In a world where celebrities can broadcast live from phone to fan-base, the desire to create Hollywood production style videos for an increasingly mobile audience has undoubtedly slowed down output. Here, Kalli Purie, group editorial director, India Today Group, talks about the growing need for publishers to create content that is more indicative of the devices it is consumed on, and the increasingly visual web.

'The National' - creating ‘Americana’ for US rail travellers

The first issue of ‘The National’, American national rail service Amtrak’s ‘on-track’ magazine, was published in October this year. Art director Rickard Westin explains to Piet van Niekerk how this magazine fills a unique space in the genre of travel publishing.

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Programmatic ads to grow 31 per cent in 2017, ahead of all other channels

Programmatic advertising will grow 31 per cent in 2017, faster than all other digital channels, according to Zenith’s new Programmatic Marketing Forecasts.

Nine key takeouts from Native Advertising DAYS

The world’s biggest conference on native advertising took place in Berlin on 16-17 November. Native Advertising Institute had invited 48 speakers to share their knowledge with +300 participants from 34 countries. Here are the nine key takeouts from CEO of the Institute Jesper Laursen.

Fifty innovative ways brands use chatbots

Chatbots and messaging are the future of marketing. MIT’s ELIZA pioneered the revolution in the 1960s and Siri took the trend mainstream in 2011. Now chatbots are used by brands in every industry to go beyond passive advertisements and engage customers with interactive conversations.

WoodWing webinar offers a glimpse of the future of multi-channel content creation

In a technology vision webinar on Tuesday 13 December, WoodWing will open its doors to its development lab to give an outlook of the future of multi-channel content creation.


How Meredith's programmatic advertising is evolving

Search and social squeeze publishers out of referral game

How The New York Times brings the audience inside with Times Insider

The risks and rewards of a shifting mobile media landscape


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